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Brick and tile industry leading experts colleagues refers to a line to visit cangzhou bohai machinery


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Xi 'an wall materials research and design institute President Zou Ji former dean XiaoHui, "bricks" magazine, information network, secretary general of the national wall materials for soldiers, shanxi-hebei-shandong-henan area province secretary and a line of brick and tile industry experts colleagues arrived in hebei cangzhou, visit to bohai machinery. Chairman Zhang Jiaxiang for the arrival of the leaders expressed a warm welcome. Zhang bohai machinery are briefly introduced the development situation and future development of planning, the leaders of the bohai sea mechanical concept of the development of the highly recognition.

Accompanied by a total, the guests visited the company setting unit workshop, main unit and workshop, machining workshop and raw materials laboratory, the leaders of our company's site management, product research and development, innovation ability and market development ability at home and abroad to give the full affirmation, especially 150 s high yield can impress a line of people brick machine. Leaders encourage enterprises seize the opportunity to speed up the production and construction. Complete infrastructure facilities, clean environment for the guests left a deep impression.